Pilates is a method of strength and conditioning for the body.

It is a system of exercises originally developed by Joseph Pilates, which uses spring resistance and body weight exercises to build uniform strength while maintaining flexibility.

The main focus of a Pilates session is on the “Powerhouse” which consists of the muscles of the abdomen, low back, and hips, and is more commonly referred to as “the core”. We work to build a strong Powerhouse to improve general strength, stability, flexibility, coordination and balance.

The Pilates system allows for different exercises to be modified in degrees of difficulty. This means sessions can be tailored to suit any ability, and that those carrying injuries can be accommodated. Intensity can also be increased over time as the body adapts to the exercises and becomes stronger allowing for a challenging workout no matter how familiar you become with the work.


Born and raised in Ireland Paddy has always played sports, mainly Gaelic football but he has tried soccer, basketball, cross country running, triathlons and AFL throughout his life. He studied Quantity Surveying at the University of Ulster and upon completion of the course moved to Australia where he started working as an Estimator for a construction company.

Paddy first discovered Pilates in 2009 when looking for something different to add to the training he was already doing. Over the course of a few years Pilates became his favorite weekly activity and he became so passionate about it he decided to make it his job.

He holds a double certification in Pilates Instruction the first he obtained from Authentic Pilates Education where he trained under Olga Tamara. He then decided to further deepen his knowledge by enrolling in the Romana’s Pilates Independent Teacher Training Program under the watchful eye of Cynthia Lochard (Romana’s Pilates Level 1 Teacher Trainer).

Paddy feels extremely lucky to have found a career that he is passionate about and he aims to bring that passion to every session he teaches.

He has experience teaching injured clients with limited mobility right through to professional athletes including the artists and performers of Cirque Du Soleil with whom he worked during their time in Sydney as they toured with their Kooza show.

In addition to teaching Pilates Paddy also services the apparatus used in studios. He has written an ebook, Reformer Maintenance 101, an easy to follow step by step guide to servicing a reformer. Created to allow studio owners to learn to care for their apparatus themselves it is available to download here.

Do you want to improve your strength and flexibility?