No matter what your chosen sport Pilates can and will improve your athletic performance. Whether you cycle, run, throw, swim or play a field sport Pilates can be seamlessly integrated into your current training regime to help you get the results you want.

Improve the way you use your body by learning what your Powerhouse is and how to use it to increase power and speed. Begin to develop the smaller muscles of the body, which are often overlooked and bring your body into better balance by improving flexibility (reducing the risk of muscle injuries).


The focus of your sessions you will be to develop deep abdominal strength and learn how to properly use these muscles while you compete. We will work on the reformer, mat and other pieces of apparatus to achieve this.

Each session lasts 55 minutes and will be tailored to your specific goals taking into account the demands your chosen sport places upon your body.

With your permission we will contact your other coaches and consult with them to gain a holistic view of where you currently are and work with the other members of your team to get you to your ultimate goal.

The Athletic Performance Program is a 10-session program recommend on a 2 sessions per week basis.


Initial Consultation – $100.00

Prepaid 10 sessions – $945.00

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required for cancellations to avoid being charged 50% of the service cost.