Marina first took up Pilates in 2007. She did so in an effort to relieve the pain she was experiencing from scoliosis (a condition she has had since birth). Pilates was the answer she had been searching for and it has remained a constant in her life since.

As Marina’s life changed her Pilates’ workouts changed with it. During pregnancy Marina used her Pilates’ sessions to support her body, continuing with her sessions all the way through until the week before the birth of her son, she also used Pilates to rectify rectus diastasis (abdominal muscle separation) post partum.

After 6 years as a Pilates practitioner Marina decided to become a teacher, studying with APEI Teacher Training.

Marina is extremely passionate about Pilates and strives to share the profound effects she knows the method possesses with each of her clients.


Pilates Instructor – Full Certification Authentic Pilates Education International – certified by Olga Tamara (2016).
Diploma Polestar Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Method (10521NAT) (2016)


Marina has worked with clients ranging from office workers to Ice Hockey Coaches. Marina is comfortable working with clients at all levels, from those just starting their Pilates journey right through to teaching other Pilates’ teachers. Marina also has experience working with populations with specific needs. Her approach to Pilates means she is able to tailor sessions to whatever is required on the day.

A keen eye for detail and a calm persona are two elements that make Marina a joy to work with. She will work you toward your goals but in a way that will leave you feeling excited about the progress you make each week.

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