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Over the past 6 months Paddy has helped me strengthen my core and alleviated a huge amount of pain that I was in due to a back injury. Every session is tailored to how I’m feeling on the day, and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. He is incredibly knowledgeable and I can’t thank him enough for being so patient! Most importantly - the sessions are a lot of fun. Would highly recommend!
Paddy is a great Pilates instructor who I would highly recommend to anyone looking for some quality one-to-one sessions in a nice studio. Covers the Pilates fundamentals very well, but also takes a highly personalised approach with his clients. His sessions are always good fun too!
I give Paddy Coary Pilates 5 stars for a number of reasons including (but not limited to):He has a generous, deeply knowledgeable and non judgemental way of guiding you to an exercise program that is best for you. I can be lazy, not do my homework and he'll just laugh and say he's always hated homework too.I haven't been to an osteopath for the 8 months since starting pilates - a bloody miracle.The studio is lovely and quiet, 90% of the time I'm in there it's just me and Paddy. I like that a lotI admire his commitment to the true Joseph Pilates equipment, made in a New York factory. I wouldn't recognise one reformer from another but for him, its very important and I fully respect an adherence to the original quality in a world where knock-offs are normal.He is good company: funny, well informed and makes great conversation.Going to Paddy's studio is one of the best things I've done in years.
Always enjoy Pilates with Paddy. He tailors sessions to exactly what’s needed - challenging, relaxing, working on issues. And good fun. Finish up feeling two inches taller every time.
I have been taking classes with Marina for about one year. Marina is an excellent instructor. She is patient and gives clear instructions. Her classes are challenging but also keep pace with your body and how you are generally feeling on the day of your class. I recommend her classes.
Benefitting enormously from my Pilates classes with Marina Melki at the Paddy COARY studio. Two months of classes and my lower back pain - from a slipped disc - is gone. Marina is a highly professional and skilled instructor. Lovely studio studio environment. Highly recommend classes with Marina.
I was referred by my Physiotherapist to see Paddy to help me move again after having had long term lower back painPaddy was been amazing with picking the right exercises to help me live pain free (and begin playing footy again)Thank you again Paddy!
I had disc issues in my lower back for almost a year and having been to several physios & chiropractors (where I had made no progress), a friend recommended to try Pilates with Paddy Coary. What a great recommendation this turned out to be.I had bulged discs (disc herniation) causing chronic sciatic nerve pain which was affecting sitting, standing, driving and sleeping. After the first Pilates session with Paddy, I felt a difference and walked away with confidence that I was on the road to recovery. I started with Paddy in November 2022 and three months later I am completely pain free!Paddy is very passionate instructor and his careful observations are exceptional. As I am a beginner, he makes slight adjustments to my posture to get the best out of every move.Paddy Coary Pilates was a games changer for me. He was able to do in three months what physios and chiropractors couldn't do. I will be continuing Pilates with Paddy to maintain my core strength, posture and flexibility.
Paddy has been exceptional!!! I have been seeing paddy post brain surgery to regain my overall strength, confidence and posture. He is extremely knowledgeable about pilates and the body! In the few months I have been going I have seen improvements that I thought would take years, can't thank him enough. Best pilates studio I have gone too!!
I have been seeing Marina one on one at Paddy's studio weekly for about 4 months and and it has been an excellent experience. She is an authentic and kind teacher, helping me gain strength and balance from a very weak start. The studio is very well equipped and super comfy.
Paddy is a supportive and knowledgeable pilates teacher. He has helped me rebuild strength after knee surgery and find my core after two kids! No more back or knee pain 😊. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a challenging, personalised and safe program.
Under Paddy's guidance my core, strength and posture have improved immensely. Not only do I enjoy the physical challenge of Pilates with Paddy, but he is a genuinely nice guy who makes every session enjoyable
Paddy is a great teacher making our sessions fun and challenging at the same time. The fact he’s a great guy is just a bonus!Our sessions have helped me gain in flexibility and core strength,improving my performance in other sports such as surfing, karate and football.
I highly recommend Paddy Coary Pilates. I started working with Marina when I was 10 weeks pregnant for prenatal fitness. It has been a great experience and I am stronger now at 24 weeks pregnant and have had no physical issues so far! I look forward to continuing to work with Marina for remainder of my pregnancy and post natally.
I really look forward to my pilates session each week with Paddy. He is a really focused teacher but makes each session fun and challenging. After having a baby last year training with Paddy has helped to rebuild my core strength and improve my flexibility.
If you’re serious about improving your posture and overall strength, Paddy is your man. Since taking one on one class with Paddy three months ago, my posture and core strength have improved, frequency of posture related tension headaches (and visits to physio) significantly reduced to almost none. Overall body strength improvement helped shave off my 1 km swim time by two minutes.With his undivided attention and careful observation on your every move for the whole session, Paddy will make sure you get a proper exercise while ensuring your posture remains correct. If you’re keen to improve your sports performance, you’ll benefit from Paddy’s Pilates programme built on his extensive training on Joseph Pilates’ methods coupled with his wealth of knowledge on physiology and conditional training. The classical Pilates equipments you get to train on is an added bonus 👍🏼Totally recommend Paddy Coary Pilates!
I've made more progress in 4 weeks with Paddy than I did in 2 years of going to group pilates classes at the gym. A real expert in what he does, motivational and encouraging. Highly recommend!
I wanted to work with someone highly skilled when I began exercising again after a significant back injury. Paddy was highly recommended by 2 friends and doing pilates with him has been great. He's always watchful, making adjustments, giving suggestions and support, and always with a casual and friendly manner. I'm much stronger already. I highly recommend working with him.
Fantastic experience with paddy. I started with back problems and a complete novice. Going to do Pilates with him has mended my back and I feel all the better and stronger for it. Highly recommend! Give it a try and I guarantee you won’t regret it. Thanks paddy!
I have been working on strength and flexibility with Paddy for over a year now and highly recommend him as a Pilates instructor . He is extremely patient and working with me towards my goal.
I started attending Paddy Pilates classes at the recommendation of a friend. I can’t speak highly enough of the knowledge and guidance that Paddy have given me as I seeked to improve my flexibility and core muscles after having a baby.I highly recommend Paddy Pilates to any mothers out there who just had a baby and are seeking to regain and strengthen their core muscles
I had an injury to my lower back for years and Paddy not only eased my worries he really did heal the pain an over 3 months it was fully healed. Paddy done what the doctors failed to do.Highly recommend!!
Since starting classes with Paddy, my core strength, posture and flexibility have all improved greatly. I leave every class feeling stronger and taller😊 Paddy is an outstanding Pilates teacher!
I have been attending Paddy’s Pilates classes for a while because it is highly personalised so that I can improve my core strength. Following a recent hip replacement I have found his understanding and sensitivity to my needs has made me much more confident in my return to fitness. Much better than any group Pilates and very knowledgeable.
Paddy is across all levels of fitness and really supports return to training following sports injuries. His Pilates is personalised so that it addressesareas which need work without stressing the body into injury. Really nice guy too!
Paddy is a very experienced Classical Pilates instructor. His attention to details in everything is amazing.
A very knowledgeable pilates instructor. Also a great guy. Can't recommend Paddy highly enough.
I’ve made great progress with Paddy and would highly recommend him. He emphasises achieving a solid foundation to ensure safe and confident practice. He also focuses on the technical aspects of Pilates and perfecting every movement to achieve the very best results.
Paddy is a very experienced Pilates instructor. I really recommend him to anyone who is interested in Pilates.
Started attending pilates with Paddy 6 months ago.After an injury years ago, keeping myself injury free requires regular maintenance and a motivational environment.From the first visit, you will walk away with the confidence that Paddy will be by your side every step of the way.Paddy will create, modify and support your development during each and every session.I would highly recommend Paddy if you are looking for a Pilates instructor.
Paddy is a dedicated and experienced Pilates instructor. I was in Sydney for two months and did one to one sessions with. The sessions were hard work, fun, and enjoyable. I look forward to training with Paddy again when I'm next in Sydney.
I have been a client with Paddy for over 5 years. I started with Paddy to manage a year of ongoing lower back pain. With regular sessions with Paddy, I slowly but surely improved my core strength. I no longer have any chronic back pain and the few episodes of acute back pain I can now manage with the exercises I have learnt with Paddy and be pain free again in less than a week. The core strength I have built though ongoing pilates has been integral to my endurance performances as well as maintaining my pain free life. I strongly recommend pilates to everyone and I highly recommend pilates with Paddy.
I have had weekly one on one sessions with Paddy for over 5 years. He is fantastic... an absolute professional... a great balance of being a really chilled, easy to be around person combined with his razor sharp attention to detail on the intricacies of pilates, ie he shows you how a subtle refinement can have such a significant difference on a particular movement or position. My core, posture and overall strength have been significantly improved by working with Paddy.
I first started doing pilates with Paddy in a group class organised through my work. I benefited so much from his approach and personalised attention in class that I booked in for one-on-one sessions. Paddy has been helping me prepare to walk the Overland Track in Tassie. I feel strong and confident thanks to his individualised approach and the additional home work program that he designed for me. I highly recommend Paddy.
I have been doing pilates with Paddy for over a year now, and can see the improvement in my overall strength and flexibility. He is a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher who takes the time to work with you and support you towards your goals. I now really enjoy pilates and would definitely recommend anyone to come to Paddy. I feel stronger and moving better. Thanks Paddy!


Pilates will help you build core strength and increase your flexibility, prevent low back pain and improve your posture. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say!
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